22nd April - Tanners Food and Wine night

We are excited to announce our first Food & Wine night hosted by Mitchell's Wine Australia. We have put together a 5 course set menu that has been paired up, by Tanners, with some delicious wines from the prestigious Vin yard Mitchell's Wine from the Clare valley south Australia

Check out the menu for more details about the evening


Frankwell  ‘The Little Borough’ outside the meander of the River Severn and close to the centre of Shrewsbury was a port and trading area in the Middle Ages where barges moored and coracles were built.  Wool was exported, by barge to Bristol and shipped to France and to London by cart.  It was a river crossing, originally a ford over the river then replaced by a fortified and inhabited bridge in the mid twelfth century and finally the present handsome stone structure we see today, built in the 1790s.

It is was also where Charles Darwin walked to and from school.  His thoughts probably on the river and the wildlife he was passing, setting out the foundations for the life we know today.  Bridge House was the hotel on the bridge and he would have passed it every day, he would have seen and joined in the bustling activities in this waterside tavern.  Today it is a fine restaurant following in his traditions…

When Darwin left Shrewsbury and went up to Cambridge he was enthusiastic about our wildlife, and eating it!  He started 'pop-up' dinners around the colleges serving dishes not available today: badger, otter and owl were favourites they say, and a he served many wild fowl some of which are available today! He called this venture 'The Glutton Club'.

'The Glutton Club' popped up in Shrewsbury again in the old Bridge House in December 2012 and they have decided to stay.  Some of Darwin's delicacies are not of course available but most of the produce is local and prepared fresh daily in house.

Please contact us to make a booking.

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The Glutton Club Restaurant

166-167 Frankwell
Shropshire, SY3 8LG

Tel: 01743 361672

Email: info@gluttonclubrestaurant.com

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